Monozukuri- Introduction

Since September 2005, the Monozukuri course (also known as the Secrets to Success in Manufacturing and Business Operating of Toyota Program) has been implemented in Vietnam by Toyota Vietnam Foundation (TVF), and it has drawn the  attention of many enterprises and students in Vietnam.

And in order to systemize this program, TMV in co-operate with Hanoi University of Technology (HUT) has set up and operated a Monozukuri Training Center since 2006 under the agreement of the Ministry of Education & Training. TMV hopes the courses will provide students and enterprise managers with the secrets to success in manufacturing and business operating. This course also aims to implement Kaizen-showcase at local enterprises to help trainees to apply their knowledge from the course into their business and production innovation.

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Up to now, there have been 24 Monozukuri courses organized and led by professors from world-class universities, and leaders from Toyota Motor Corporation as well as by top professors of Hanoi University of Technology. The course has attracted the participation of more than 700 students and representatives of local enterprises. Among them, there were representatives from Toyota’s local suppliers who were striving to apply knowledge gained from the course into running their businesses. For examples, Vietnam Precision Industrial Ltd. Company (VPIC), which provided the central body inner pillar for Innova, has started applying the Toyota production systems (TPS) in its plant since Jan, 2008 and have already begun to harvest the initial achievements.

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